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Avinash Singh Avinash Singh (born 30/05/1999) is a digital entrepreneur and branding expert. He is a founder and Chief Executive Officer of INITIATORS MEDIA and Software PVT LTD, a digital marketing agency that help companies to launch software in the international Market. Early Life Avinash Singh was born in Aurangabad, Bihar in a Middle class family. He did his school from D.A.V public school and then went to KOTA to complete his higher education. Currently he is doing his Bachelor of Technology from GGSIP university. Career Avinash Singh started his/he


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Avinash Singh Entrepreneur turns out to be a young and energetic digital marketing expert . Avinash Singh Entrepreneur has covered this distance since high school a long time with void pockets. Be that as it may,Avinash Singh Entrepreneur ensured he acquired a decent name in the field of Digital marketing in the nation by coming to at the youthful age of 20. Avinash Singh Entrepreneur scores high focuses on others with his abilities and aptitude. Avinash Singh Entrepreneur makes the undertaking of your advancement and advertising straightforward with his powerful aptit


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    Avinash Singh is India’s most youthful advanced business person and is likewise the most youthful mogul in India. He started his computerized venture at an exceptionally youthful age. Avinash Singh is known to be the Pioneer of Digital Entrepreneurs in India. He trusts in learning and adjusting to the advanced promoting patterns that keep on developing every year as new advances are conceived and new organizations enter the market. He has gotten a transformation into the Indian market with his striking computerized promoting abilities.   R

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